Group Rules

In order to protect the experience and safety of people who use our WhatsApp Groups and other services, there are some limitations on the type of content and behaviour that we allow. These limitations are set forth in the Rules below.

The Group Rules, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy collectively make up the “User Agreement” that governs a user’s access to and use of our services. To learn more about our Terms of Service, CLICK HERE. To learn more about our Privacy Policy, CLICK HERE:

The Purpose of the Hoe Story WhatsApp Group is to Meet New People across all social media Platform, make friends & SHARE HOE STORIES WITHOUT STAYING ANONYMOUS. Every Thursday in the VIP Special Group, the ladies snap and post live nude pictures for the Group Members to enjoy. This also happens on a normal day but every Thursday is the main day for it. Group Members do agree to HookUp with each other for free on a regular. If you’re active and relates with the Members well, Our Girls may want to hookup with you for free. They’re naughty like that. 🔞


• Posting of DICK PICTURES, Downloaded PORN IMAGES & VIDEOS are NOT allowed. Sex Tape Videos are allowed if it’s yours. ONLY THE LADIES are allowed to post Thirst Trap Pictures & Nudes when they wish to. This applies to Dick STICKERS and GIFs.

• ADVERTS are not allowed except on Mondays. SELF-HYPE / SELF – PROMOTION is NOT allowed. (Directly or Indirectly).

• EXTERNAL LINKS are NOT allowed unless it is an Article or reference in relation to a Topic in the Group.

• Deleting, Retracting or Revoking Messages are allowed only if you posted a content or information in the Group by Mistake. Revoking your Messages or Posts in violation of the Group Rules just to evade being noticed and removed is not allowed.

• YOU MUST NOT POST ANY OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA USERNAME or Any Contact publicly in the Group for people to reach you or anybody on.

• VOICE NOTES, SPAMMING & BROADCAST MESSAGES are NOT allowed in the Groups. Repeated posting of links, GIFs, Stickers or Images will be considered spamming and may get you removed from the Group.

• SLIDING INTO PMs are allowed but when it crosses the line into ABUSE such as sliding into PMs of a lots of females in the Group is considered as SPAMMING, If we get reports from female members in the Group, we’ll remove you from the Group. Saving Multiple Phone Numbers of people in the Group without their permission is prohibited. What constitutes “SPAMMING” will evolve as we respond to new reports, tricks & tactics from defaulters.

• UNNECESSARY IMAGES OR VIDEOS (Downloaded or Live Snap / Record of what you’re doing, putting on or where you’re going to) are prohibited.

• Soliciting HookUps in exchange for Cash with the Group Members are not allowed. We have a paid HookUp Service for this. Should you need a direct HookUp, contact the ADMIN or CLICK HERE for more details.

• YOU MUST NOT post a Screenshot of your conversation with any of the Group Members for any reason NEITHER MUST YOU reveal the identities of any members of the Group to anybody for any reason. What happens in the group, remains in the group. Defaulters will be removed and Blocked from all our Social Media Platform.

• You must NOT refer to any Lady in the Group as a HOE either because she posted Thirst Trap Pictures / Nudes for the fun of the Group or you’re being sarcastic or for any reason whatsoever. By doing so, you’re passing a different message about her to the rest of the Group Members. She only but came to have fun not for someone to call her a HOE.

• YOU CAN ALWAYS DISAGREE WITH SOMEONE WITHOUT USING AN ABUSIVE / OFFENSIVE WORD. THEREFORE YOU MUST NOT insult ANYBODY in the Group especially our Ladies for any reason (be it that she ain’t looking too good for you, She curved you, she blocked you via PM, She can’t speak good english, etc). Without them, the Groups won’t be fun. We respect our ladies so much. If you’re having a clash with anybody, do bring it to the notice of the ADMIN. If he/she is wrong, They’ll be cautioned privately or at worst case, removed from the Group. That we respect the Ladies also doesn’t mean we’ll tolerate filth from any.

All individuals accessing or using our services must adhere to the policies set forth in these Rules. Failure to do so may result in AHoeStory or any of its Administrators taking one or more of the following enforcement actions:

– Remove you from the Groups.

– Ban you from doing certain things in the group.

– Block you from accessing any of our services.

– Enforce a fine on you which must be paid to continue using our service.

If you wish to appeal to be added back after violating a rule you may have to pay N3,000 for the Premium Group or N5,000 for the VIP special Group if the offence is a Minor Violation.

The fine for violating a minor Group Rule is now N5,000

The fine for violating a major Group Rule is now N10,000

When you get blocked, the fine to get unblocked is N10,000

Currently, there is no way to appeal for a reduction in the fine.

Please NOTE: Defaulters have a maximum of 3 Days to pay their fine and get back into the group. After 3 days, their ongoing membership will be forfeited and they will have to pay their fine alongside a new group membership fee before they can get back into the group.

Minor Violations:

– Posting of Social Media Username.

– Posting of External Links.

– Sliding into Multiple DMs or Saving Multiple Numbers.

– Direct or Indirect Self Hype / Promotion.

– Unnecessary Images, Spamming, Voice Notes & BCs.

– Inactivity.

– Disrupting, negatively affecting or inhibiting other users from enjoying the service.

Major Violations:

– Posting of Dick Pictures.

– Use of threatening words, hate speech, offensive & abusive words.

– Repeated Violation of the Minor Rules.

– Using the Group for illegal Purpose(s).

– Damaging, disabling, overburdening or impairing the functioning of the service.

– Directly / Indirectly referring to a lady in the Group as HOEs or Sex Objects.

– Promotion of any activity that violates these terms.

– Soliciting hookup in exchange for cash with group members.

– Any other violation of the Group Rules or Terms not listed among the minor violation is a major violation.

While some violations / removals are temporal and fine worthy, repeat or certain type of violations may result in permanent removal from our WhatsApp Groups & platforms or high fine rates which will be determined by the decision of the ADMIN.